Your USB-C Port is not working?


Is your keyboard not working after you soldered everything? Most of the time the USB port has not had enough / too much solder and shorts out. This applies to most through-hole kits…

Here are some simple steps you can follow to exclude different errors:

Use a data cable

This shouldn’t be a problem with USB-C but you never know…

Check for USB warnings

If you see a warning that the device is not recognized or draws too much power you may continue with the steps below. Otherwise, you should try to reflash the firmware.

Look for USB devices

Check Device manager on Windows:


or dmesg -w on Unix-like distros when plugging in your board:


you can also use lsusb on Linux to check for USB devices specifically:


The ones above are good examples of what it should look like - if you don’t see anything, or error messages and you tried to reflash then you should look into the solder joints.

Bad soldering

Maybe just one solder joint is missing a tad bit of solder and your whole board won’t work. Please refer to our solder guide here.

Still broken?

Please don’t refrain from contacting us for help :)