Here we will go over all the steps you need to follow after you have soldered the PCB! topdown-ic

Get your soldered PCB and the switch plate. In the next step we will solder in the switches. So if you plan to Mill-Max your Static please do that now! You can find Instructions on how to solder Mill-Max Sockets here. millmax

Now is also the right time to put your stabilisers in there! stab

Get your switch plate and place 4 switches in the corners. This will help align the switch plate with the PCB. 4switches

Now put the switch plate on top of the PCB and put the Switches in the right holes. 4switches-pcb

After that you can put all switches in there. Make sure to kind of pull up on the plate while putting in the switches to lock them in. If you start from the middle that makes it easier. Please refer to our KLE for all the Layouts that are possible here. switchfull

Now that all the Switches are seated you can solder them in. You now have finished the PCB assembly! switchsolder

Please take two of the rubber feet now and place them roughly where the red circles are on the bottom of the PCB. This will prevent a bit more flex and in the case of the metal plates prevent any shorts from happening. rubberbottom

Now onto the bottom half of the Keeb. Start by placing the rubber feet in the little cutouts in the 3D-Printed Feet. rubber-feet-mounted

Now go ahead and put screws in the holes through the feet. They might need a bit of force to get in there, just push them in with the allen key. We wanted it that way. feet-screws

You can place the feet below the bottom plate now. bottom-plate-screws

Make sure the bottom plate is the right way around for that! You should be able to read the CB! bottom-plate-view

The cutouts for the feet and the bottom plate should align. front-side

After that you can screw the standoffs in there. The small ones go to the front while the longer ones go in the back. Orientation of the Standoffs doesn’t matter. If you want you can orient them all the same so they look pretty of course. standoffs-mounted

Now you are able to put the PCB assembly onto the Standoffs at the bottom. placetogether

After that screw in the 4 screws. Please screw them in lightly first, then align the plate and then tighten them down fully. screwpcb

If you did not do it earlier remove the nut from the Encoder now. removenut

Get yourself the Acrylic cover now and remove the protective film from both sides. After that place it on the 4 longer standoffs. acryltogether

Now screw in the 4 screws to tighten it down. Do as before and put them all in before tightening them fully. acrylscrew

Screw in the nut from the Encoder to secure it in place. Please don’t overtighten this just make sure it is seated on there with a bit of force. nut

Now just place the rotary knob on the encoder and screw in the little nut with the larger allen key we included. rotarytogether

And you are done with your Static! finished